Friday, August 16, 2013

The context of context

Is context really king ? I remember reading that in one of Brian Solisblogposts. Only it wasn't really true. Context might be the new lie. I have been thinking about the context of context ever since having that intuition during a Google+ conversation in the Conversation Community. I have tried to put my thoughts together, and it has proven more difficult than expected. 

Social is about context. About context beeing king and about technology being a context enhancing engine (from an individual point of view) as well as a context leveraging engine (from a business point of view). And therefore, at first sight, about a need or an opportunity for people and institutions alike to master context and act in real time. 

Only, after thinking about it, social is not solely about context: by changing the depth of our personal context, technological (and social) evolution is making the changing nature of responsibility and decision making visible.

Context has context and context needs to be managed, which is why Responsible Context Management might just become an imperative management practice in the next few years.